Wednesday 1 August 2012

Shore Fishing on the Isle of Islay: July 2012 (Part Two)

The Paps of Jura as seen from the Kennacraig to Islay ferry

Welcome to part two of three of this feature on shore fishing on the beautiful Isle of Islay, off Scotland's West Coast. The group who kindly shared these photos and the information had two full days' fishing planned, with a day's travel at either end. On the first day, they were on the hunt for locations likely to afford the possibility of sea trout, while on the second they were intending focusing on a broader spectrum and happy to catch anything which showed interest in their baits.

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It is more than worth pointing out at this stage a curious fact with regard to the saltwater shore fishing on Islay. While the inland freshwater lochs and rivers are hugely popular with trout fishermen and boat fishing on the sea is equally popular, there is a distinct comparative lack of interest in beachcasting and other types of shore fishing. While on the plus side this of course means you are likely to find a decided lack of competition for places at your chosen mark, it also means that there is very little information available on shore fishing, "Hot spots," or top marks. If you are going shore fishing on Islay, therefore, it's very much about studying the terrain, perhaps taking a look at grounds at low tide and simply hoping you have the very best of British luck!

Rivers of peaty water run in to the sea all around Islay

Fortunately, by studying the landscape and fishing near the mouths of what at least appeared to be likely rivers, the group enjoyed a successful day's fishing for sea trout. The one drawback of the day was that the recent very heavy rains made the water in such areas particularly brackish, decreasing significantly the likelihood of catching most other species at their chosen specific venues.

Beautiful sea trout taken on an Islay beach

Despite catching a number of prime sea trout specimens, the members of the group still had to buy their dinners that night. They were staying away from home, remember, so all the fish caught on both days were returned to the sea as unharmed as possible - with the exception of the mackerel caught in part one of this article at Kennacraig, which was kept to add to the bait supplies.

Fishing for sea trout on a beach on Islay

So fishing day one went down as a definite success and the group headed out for a wee dram or two that night looking forward to what would hopefully be an equally successful second day, with a number of different fish species on the agenda. Hopefully, you'll come back again to this page this coming weekend to find out precisely how they got on.

Another beautiful sea trout


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